Tuesday, October 30, 2007

plowing through

I've made it through half of this semester. But it really doesn't make me feel better, because the worst half is yet to come. For example, I have only completed 24 of 100 clinical hours in the NICU. We have two more exams, peer reviews of papers and our final draft due in med-surge, four more papers in essentials, a mock-interview, a care map, and a teaching presentation due in clinical. Things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

Our clinical group was in an uproar last week because our instructor gave us all grades in the 77-84 range for midterms. She didn't really say why either, when I asked she just started talking in circles. Oh well. My grade was an 80, because she wanted more out of my reflection papers.

Sometimes I feel like it's hard to be a good nurse when we have all of this other stuff due in a clinical. And I'm supposed to focus on my three patients when I have papers and SOAP notes and everything else hanging over my head?

I left Essentials class last night really thinking about the politics of nursing. The fact that 1 in 4 women voters is a nurse, that is just astounding. We could have a lot of political power, as the biggest group of healthcare professionals in this country. And yet, we're too busy tearing each other down (or just surviving our day) to use that power.

By the way, I got in trouble twice in my med-surg lecture. The first time because the letter H came off of my keyboard and I was busy trying to re-attach it, and the second time because I pointed something out on my computer screen to a neighbor. Nevermind that it WAS about something to do with the lecture. Sheesh.


nurse said...

Thanks for your comments on NursingZen. I realize my idea of integrating MEPN into my 'real' life may be easier said than done, but so far that's the only way I know to survive :). It sounds like your BSN program is more rigorous (and a longer haul) than my MEPN program. At least you're almost done and you'll come out strong. The last year of my Bachelor's program was the hardest year, too -- only I don't think I came out having learned much of practical value. Are you thinking of working for a while or applying to a Master's right away?

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