Friday, October 5, 2007

getting used to things

I'm getting used to the routine at work. And I'm finding that the best plan of action, as far as socialization, is to make friends with the nurses. I could hardly care what the other techs think of me.

We had an accident victim who I've taken care of since she was admitted to our floor. She started out not being able to move or speak, but now she's able to get up to a chair and talk to us. Even so, today when we were alone she said to me "I'm not gonna make it." I said all of the normal stuff, 'you're doing great, you're going to get better, you're already so much better...' and she just shook her head sadly and said no. But after I talked to her for a while she put her hand on my cheek. It was just, one of 'those moments', those moments that make you feel like you're actually making a difference.

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