Saturday, October 6, 2007

biting my tongue

Sometimes I'm ready to kill people at work. The other techs really try to baby me, I suppose because I'm new, but I just want to get rid of them already and just work. Today I made a mistake and gave someone NPO too many ice chips. Ok it happens, I didn't see it on the sheet. I documented it, I told someone, what else can I do? And then my 'preceptor' today, if you can call her that, went on and on and on about how terrible it was because the poor nurse got in trouble by the physician. So... what's the point in crying about it now? It's done. I don't need a long lecture about it. And when putting in a catheter, the 18 french wouldn't go in. She insisted on trying and grabbed the catheter. With unsterile gloves, she contaminated not only my sterile field but the actual tubing about to go inside the guy. And could she get it in? No. I've probably cathed about as many people as she has and I really don't need my hand being held, especially by someone who doesn't know what she's doing. Obviously. And then there's "did you get chem sticks done? Did you do vitals?" Yes mom. I did my homework and cleaned my room. Gawd.

God get me off of this orientation schedule please.

Then I heard a nurse yelling in another room "oh my god, I told my tech to get you out of bed, why didn't she do it???" How about asking me first before spouting off to the patient? He refused, actually, when I went in to do it so I did something else instead. Was I supposed to wrestle him out of bed and into the chair? Jeez you know? And she called me 'dahling' in her French accent all day, which was actually kind of funny.

And finally I've developed a small crush on a very gay-looking nurse and I sometimes, like at lunch, purposely sit near her, and sometimes I purposely avoid her. I guess work just isn't interesting enough without some entertainment.

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