Saturday, November 29, 2008

michigan's economy coming down on nurses

I guess I never dreamed that the economy was going to affect my job. I'm a nurse, right? Everyone told me that no matter what happened, I'd always have job security. Maybe they were right, but maybe they're wrong.

This month the hospital's census has decreased dramatically. Michigan families don't have health insurance because of lost jobs, and Michigan families aren't going to the doctor or the hospital. So many nurses have been called off of work at the children's hospital that they are scrambling to find them temporary positions at the main hospital. They have promised that nurses will be the last employees laid off.

Last week, out of 36 hours, I was cancelled 20. This week, I've only worked 24. As much as I love to sleep in, I love paying the bills more. I have used up a lot of PTO time and been mandated off. The union is trying to figure out how to give nurses all the hours in their appointments.

Let's hope the Big 3 pull through. Let's hope people are scared to go to the hospital and they soon feel better enough about finances to come in. Let's hope the Obama administration can pull of something in the way of health insurance for the unemployed.

Or the nursing shortage is already a thing of the past, at least in this area.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

into the frying pan

Today I overheard another nurse talking about a seminar on Advanced EKG interpretation. I mentioned that I would love to go to it, and she said "you want to go advanced EKG? Shouldn't you do a regular one first?" Hells no, she did not just say I'm not knowledgeable enough on interpreting EKGs to attend the seminar! I registered for it an hour later. See you there, biotch.

The LVAD guy came to our conference room for an inservice. He told the whole roomful of nurses that if they had any questions, this young lady (pointing to me) was excellent. Same nurse said "oh really? She knew that much?" So there.

A patient of mine today was put on comfort care only. The family flew in, and everyone was standing around with tears and lots of questions. I felt very inadequate but tried to show my compassion. What else could I do?