Tuesday, April 22, 2008

falling behind

I have neglected this blog pretty badly. But I haven't exactly been immersed in nursing school the way I was last semester. I never went to my community health lecture, except to take the tests, and I missed four of my clinicals due to traveling. But I did get to make that up with a two hour presentation on community health care in developing countries. It was awesome and I rocked. The instructor told me I should become a teacher, I should apply for a fullbright, I should present to all these groups... etc etc. Nice to be so complimented on my academic strengths!

Today I took my student loan exit interview. I am $35,072 in debt, and I will be making payments of about $250 per month. Doesn't sound too bad... except that it's going to take 20 years to pay it off! But I accepted that responsibility a long time ago. I'm just eager to get started. A real job, a real income, and finally able to pay all of my own bills. I mean, my dad is still paying off his college loans! I only plan to defer my loans or whatever if I'm in grad school. Because I'll have to work a little less.

Today is my very last final of my undergrad education. It's for statistics and I'm confident I'll do ok.

I graduate on the 27th and I start nursing orientation on my unit on the 19th of May. I barely work at all until then, because hours have been severely slashed for temps. But I will be studying like crazy for my boards.

In hospital work related news- nothing. I got to suction a trach for the first time with the help of M, another graduating nursing student working just down the hall from me. She has all the trach care, I have all the heart monitors. We should be able to help each other out. I'm also exciting that my friend C from nursing school is starting on my unit one month after me. It's so great that I'll be around familiar faces, especially since I was given a days/eves rotating position. Now I'll know everyone and that will make being a new nurse just a little easier. Easier to ask for help, anyway, and less shy about sounding like a moron.

And thank GOD I don't have to work nights... I'm disoriented enough during the day!