Monday, November 5, 2007

ready to NOT be a student

I'm really tired of being a student nurse. I don't want people following me, criticizing my every move, making me nervous, giving me extra work. I want to take good care of my patients. I will ask questions when I need to, seek out help when I need to. Nowadays my preceptors and instructors are just screwing things up for me and making it impossible to do my job.

By the way, my med-surg instructor is, as we speak, READING powerpoint slides to us. This is her way of lecturing? What a boring, stupid waste of my time. I can read. Powerpoint should be BANNED from the curriculum.

And my last complaint for the week, is that my preceptor in the NICU makes me crazy! She has me stocking and organizing drawers for hours. On top of that, when I asked her if I could do a heel stick, she said 'no'. Then when I asked if I could have my own patient next time, with supervision, she said 'no' again. No??? This is supposedly my shot at being a real nurse with supervision! And she's making me stock carts! I was so mad, I can't even tell you. When she would ask me to do something, she never explained what she meant. She would document vitals and do all kinds of things without even telling me she'd done them, so I'd go to do it and it would already be done. So frustrating. I just want to quit that clinical, even though I love NICU nursing. A different, younger nurse helped me with some paperwork, and she was so good at helping me, and explaining things.

Ugh, I'm so ready to be done with all of this. Only my essentials class seems like an actual contribution to my education.

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nurse said...

This sucks! Can you have a talk with your NICU preceptor? How much longer do you have to be with her? If it's going to be more than another week, I would consider speaking up. Your time is valuable, esp. as a student.