Tuesday, March 13, 2007

rotting flesh

This morning one of my patients needed a dressing change for a stage 4 pressure ulcer over sacroiliac prominence. She was very obese, and it took five of us to do it. Imagine our horror when we peeled off the dressing and discovered not only a 5-6 in deep crater over her entire backside, but that the wounds were completely filled with stool and necrotic tissue. Some genius dressed the wound over the rectum.

I have never seen such a pressure ulcer in my life. Even once we cleaned the stool out, my cat could have fit into the crater. The smell of necrotic tissue and gangrene was overwhelming, her roommate started to complain. The worst part is that she is only 62, A&Ox1, and on Hospice. So sad. I have a tough stomach, and normally I like wounds, blood, gore... but this was a bit much even for me.

I think I did really well today with my organization. Besides that dressing change, I had a PEG tube, blood sugars/insulins, and IV meds. I love having two patients though, the time flies by.

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