Saturday, March 17, 2007

researching research

This week is devoted to my research class. I must turn in my paper, study for the test, and do about 4 mindmaps. Bah! I hate this class. And our professor... don't even get me started! She is so snappy. As if all of this crap isn't hard enough. This must be the most boring and pointless class ever... ok maybe not pointless, because knowing how to get information is always important, but still! A few classes or projects could probably do the trick.

I was pretty useless at my psych clinical last night. My patient was an 11 year old whose dad beats her. And her problem is anger control. Well, yeah! I'd be pretty freakin' mad if I was getting beat by my dad and my mom could care less. I didn't even really interview her. I only have one interpersonal recall left and all of my mental status assessments are done. I went into the resource room and read some books. Whatever. I just want this semester to be over. Maybe my senioritis is starting in, or maybe it's just wanting to move on to new things.

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