Thursday, March 8, 2007

it really is rocket science

Why does financial aid have to be so hard? Every semester I go through this. This year it's even worse. Now it's my mother who has to have her credit checked, for some unknown reason. The things that Sallie Mae and your 'educational institution' require of us... I don't ask, I just do it. But it makes about as much sense to me as if they told me to eat a banana while doing a headstand. Ok... I'll try. So I'm still waiting for financial aid to come through for last semester, let alone this one.

I talked to my med-surg instructor today. She has to be the nicest, most reasonable instructor I've ever had and here I am practically failing her class! I am determined to better on the next test, which I told her, which means I'd better do better. I have a paper due on Wednesday as well, and with my crazy (and in my opinion, stupid) work schedule this week, it's going to be quite difficult. On the other hand, if they get mad at me for studying... oh well! I'm leaving in April!!! Goodbye boring, old job of 3 1/2 years. It's been real and I'm soooo ready to go to a "real" medical institution. Or at least a place where everyone isn't out to get me because I'm one of those "smart, book-reading, ej-ucated" people. You can keep your assisted living and your politics, I'm moving on to bigger and better problems.

Tomorrow my goal is just to wake up early enough to study a little. I did buy some groceries today so that is something remarkable. And the cats are having a party because I changed their litter. Blame it on nursing school that I've become such a slacker with the housework!

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