Tuesday, March 20, 2007

another day of blah blah blah

Today my two patients were completely easy. Only one minor blip on the radar when a blood sugar dipped below 60. And of course, my instructor tried to blame me for it. She said it had to do with me not giving him Renagel as he was eating his lunch, instead of right after. Now, Renagel is for decreasing phosphate levels in end stage renal disease, I have yet to figure out how it affects blood sugar. But I will be researching it so stay tuned! I'm pretty much convinced she was just looking for a way to blame me, but I will give her the(very small) benefit of the doubt and research it. Bah. She is always so grumpy.

Also the nurse manager complained that we weren't answering call lights. Well, what actually happened is that a bathroom light was on, I answered it, didn't turn the light off, but got the student nurse to go in there to collect a stool specimen. I told the nurse manager that that was why the light was on. But she still went and carried on to our instructor who had a fit about it later. Jeez. I should've turned off the light from the start: lesson learned.

Otherwise my day was so easy that I took my half hour lunch break. I didn't eat lunch, I went to the big lounge on the ground floor and napped. Then I got some homework done while I was there. Jeesh.

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