Thursday, March 22, 2007

I score again

My research exam ended up a 93, although I thought for sure it was going to be worse because I wasn't sure about a lot of the questions. In fact, I'd say at least 11 questions had nothing to do with any of the material I studied, but I just happened to know the answer or guess right. At the end of the exam my professor said to me, "You haven't been to class much lately, have you?" I said, "I only missed last week, and you were gone the week before." She said, "oh, I guess you're just so small I didn't notice you." Gee, thanks.

I also got an A on all of my mind maps, which is 10% of my grade. Now if I could just finish that paper that's 8 days late... at least it's only worth 10 points.

Also, in medsurg the BSN coordinators really pissed everyone off by deciding that from next semester on they will be assigning everyone's classes. As in we don't get to choose which classes to register for anymore. Hello, high school! Then they passed out our class assignments for next fall and winter. There were a whole lot of unhappy people, let me tell you. I was given Community Health Nursing and Nursing Essentials in the fall, and Medsurg Nursing II in the winter. I had originally planned to do community in the winter and Medsurg in the fall, but I guess it's ok. The important thing is doing my Essentials class in the fall because it's 100 hours of nursing on the floor with a preceptor. And I'm praying to get an L&D placement.

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