Friday, May 25, 2007

the long haul

I did my first 12 hour shift on Wednesday. Wow, I was really tired by the time it was over, especially because I spent the night at Laxmi's and slept so lightly. But it was good- my first patient was receiving blood. That was a good experience for me. But my preceptor had a drug seeker... she yelled and swore and had the whole place in an uproar for a while. Finally, she agreed to be discharged. I thought we might get to pull the secret 'yellow card' out, but no.

Today I was going to work 7-3 but my preceptors weren't there and I didn't want to work with Sandy because she looks mean and grumpy. No thanks, it's hard enough being new without someone totally annoyed with you on top of everything.

During my half hour break, I went outside. It was 88 degrees, but I would never have known what it was like outside from the unit as there are no windows. I sat out in the 'garden' area and read. That was nice but over top soon. I felt like I wanted to sleep, but I was afraid a nap would make me sleepier than before.

My preceptor, J, is nice. One good thing is that the preceptors volunteered for this, so they aren't annoyed with having a student.

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