Friday, May 18, 2007

a few weeks gone by

Well a few weeks have passed and I'm happy to report that my Med-surg professor bumped my C+ up to a B-. I love her even more.

I've started my externship, or at least completed one week of orientation. The coordinators are very nice and my preceptor also seemed nice. I start actually working the floor Monday morning, so until then there isn't too much to say. Except that when I had to poke my own finger to demonstrate that I knew how to use the glucometers, I whined like a baby. That hurts! It left a bruise on my finger for 2 days!

The best news is that my unit, the Observation Unit, doesn't operate on weekends, holidays, or overnight. I'm basically on the best unit one could be on, as far as schedules go. I will write about the unit on Monday.

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