Friday, July 6, 2007

days gone by

I know I have been lax about this particular blog. The Observation Unit is not really the most exciting place to be. We had a really slow week last week in which I discovered and tetris online. I've also been reading a lot at work. But really I have improved drastically on med administration and admin/discharge procedures. I'm pretty much independent now.

Today I had a 17 year old patient because the children's hospital was full. She was glad to have me, as the other nurses were a bit stodgy. For example, I told her sister to go ahead and use the other bay's bed, and the older nurse had a fit. Oh well! She was a funny girl: wanted a picture of her in the hospital bed on myspace, and wanted to take the hospital gown home with her. Sure, I said, just stuff it in your bag. She was a good one but I've had a couple patients who I really wanted to smack. This is why I should be working with old people! I have the patience of the gods with them, but for crabby adults I have none.

Every now and again I sleep over at the hospital and stumble back in at 7am with sleep still in my eyes. Only two more weeks of this day-in-day-out kind of work schedule.

I'm now on a quest to get a job with the hospital after I return from Nepal. I need one, as of right now the money sitting in my bank account has to last me indefinitely.

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