Wednesday, June 13, 2012

two successes

1) My fourth time putting up a new set for the CRRT. I did it with NO help this time. Got all of the supplies, returned the blood, flushed the sorensen with heparin, took the old set down, put the new set up, hooked everything up into the right place (I think), re-attached the patient, hit the "continue" button and... BOOM shaka-laka! It ran! No hitches! No alarms!

2) Got one of the "Making a Difference" awards that patients or their families can submit about staff members who they felt were excellent. I appreciate the family who nominated me more than they know, because these are all submitted through our managers, and god knows I needed a good mark on my record after everything that's happened.

Take THAT HR. Treat me like a 'bad nurse' and I'll prove you wrong every time!

Also- it's been 10 months since I had a discrepancy in our (Pyxis equivelant) machine. I promised my supervisor I'd make it to one year discrepancy-free. Let's just say my discrepancy track record was NOT GOOD. But here I am, 10 months discrepancy clean and sober! I think he should by me a cookie from the cafeteria when I get to my one year mark...

P.s. I was not snagging narcotics from the machine. Most of my discrepancies were witnessed countback or return errors.

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