Wednesday, June 6, 2012

this is getting boring

It's going to be one boring nurse blog if all I ever write is "they still haven't told me ANYTHING!"

My union rep assures me that no news is good news. Something like, "oh we forgot all about it! And we think we'll just leave it that way. Now go be a good girl and follow all the rules." That would rock my socks!

I've had another whole week off, thanks to downstaffing last weekend. Our census has been at an all time low. Last week I went in and there were 10 empty beds (out of 20)! I have never seen that before! We were running with 8 nurses! (Usually we run with 13-15.) And you know what 10 empty beds really means, right? It really means 10 potential admissions! Not all at once of course, we staff for 3 possible admissions per shift.

So where are all the sick people? Is it too nice out, you'd rather die peacefully in your old age sitting out back, watching the sun set, hearing the birds chirp, drinking your favorite mixer, wearing comfy pjs and listening to your fave tunes? You prefer that to a tube in your urethra, anus, nose, airway, arteries/veins, and several fancy/expensive machines to beep/alarm and otherwise lull you into the great beyond? Even if I promise to hold your hand (for 30 seconds, with a glove)?

Ok fine, have it your way. Stay home. We always have our loyal livers to rescue us when respiratory failure and sepsis are scarce. There will always be alcoholics with GI bleeds, and drug users found down, and our 10 empty beds have been waiting for them with open arms.

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