Thursday, June 12, 2008

they're turning me into a nurse

My days on the floor have been good, but I get impatient with having a preceptor. I especially hate having to wait for her to get meds. I only have one preceptor who won't even let me give oral meds. This is bad news for me, because the state STILL hasn't received the correction from my school and I'm still waiting for my authorization to test. I'm dying of jealousy of the other new grads who are testing next week. I want my damn license already.

I have taken a lot of classes as part of my orientation, too. Mostly med surg, but now I have started my EKG series, and there will be a big test at the end on reading strips.

I hope that I can do this job well, that I can become someone who is respected on my unit, someone who can make a difference not just with patients, but with my co-workers. I do want to be involved with the unit, I want to be a leader (eventually) and someone people think of as hard-working and contributing. I really care about our floor and our patients, and I don't think of it as 'just a job'. I feel like someone who really contributes to society. Maybe it's a puffed-up image of nurses that I have, but when people stand up and take off their hats when I enter the room and say 'I'm your nurse', I don't know... it's a good feeling.

My world has been infiltrated by chest tubes, wound drainage, monitor strips, and multiple choice questions.

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