Thursday, June 5, 2008

news from the front

I survived my second and third day on the floor with minimal damage to my fragile self-esteem as a new nurse. I was finally with one of my regular preceptors, a nurse about my age, and we had a couple of very laid-back days together. I took a CHF patient waiting for an LVAD work-up, a THE patient suffering from complications of her surgery, and even squeezed in a final admit with a lobectomy right before the end of the shift. I felt like I had more of a routine going on, and I'm getting a little bit more comfortable with the documentation systems and my assessments.

I heard some crazy adventitious lung sounds, and a heart murmur, and I was really proud of myself for *finally* hearing something out of the norm!

This week was my med-surg series. More lectures and demonstrations on IV therapy, drains, ostomies, chest tubes, and trachs. Friday I have an all-day class just on using our brand spankin' new online MAR.

Today I received my first 'real' paycheck. WOW! I can pay all of my bills with one paycheck!

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