Tuesday, December 11, 2007

sometimes I just don't get it

I got my collection of papers back from my prof. She is a really tough grader, especially when most papers are opinion-papers, and she gave me an 88. Which is all fine and dandy... but. (You heard the 'but' coming from a mile away.)

I had to write a paper about my 'my future role in nursing' which included my future career goals. I put that I want to go into nurse-midwifery, and geriatrics. She wrote 'this is incongruous'. Yes, maybe it is, but... that's what I want to do, and those are my goals! You can't take off points for that!

And I said I wanted to be a part of a team working for women's health. She said 'midwifery is not women's health'. Since when is giving birth unrelated to a woman's health? Especially if you are assisting her to do it in a manner that she finds most comfortable and suitable to her? Or if you are providing her with safe, affordable, quality care? That's not part of women's health???



Anonymous said...

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*amanda* said...

omg, that would totally make me mad. i'm a 3rd year bsn-rn student and ive had profs like that in the past. hope the semester goes by fast for ya!!