Tuesday, December 4, 2007

my next great adventure

Here I am, still a semester away from graduation, and already I've got my sights set on grad school. I would love to go directly into nurse-midwifery, but it's looking more and more like that dream will have to be put on hold for a while. I can't get in to labor and delivery until I've done a year on another floor, and I can't apply to the program until I do a year in L&D. And basically, I want to get going sooner than that. So I'm thinking of applying to U of M's nurse practitioner in gerontology program for winter '09. All I need to do is take a basic statistics course next semester, and my GPA is high enough that I don't have to take the GREs. And by the time I enroll, I'll have my first six months of 'real nursing' under my belt, at least.

I plan to take the program pretty slow, probably four years instead of two. It's intense, and I have to work and make money as well. It's amazing to think that at this time next year I'll be starting out my training as a nurse practitioner! Insane. But I guess right now I need to focus on finals, taking the NCLEX, and getting hired on the telemetry unit where I work as a new grad.

Everything is going swimmingly in nursing student world. I give a group presentation today, and then I just have one final exam and some computerized testing to do. I really did it, survived this crazy-ass semester. I knew I was nuts to do all of this in one term, but I also knew I'd be so happy to have it all over and done with. And I am!!!

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