Friday, July 6, 2007

funny things I've done

1. Retrieved a wheelchair for a discharged patient... except the wheelchair I grabbed was not a hospital wheelchair, but a personal wheelchair that someone had parked nearby!

2. Spilled Morphine, twice. All because I end up in a fighting match with the carpujets and always lose.

3. Let an IV run out onto the floor. I was wondering why it sounded like there was a fountain running in the room...

4. Wondered how on earth to retrieve a retracted penis so that I could hold it up for catheterization. I have done many females, this was my first time with a male and they sent me in there on my own. Once I got it in, it just kept going and going. I thought, well, this is unpleasant.

5. Thrown away countless carpujets because I thought they were disposable. Guess what, they're not.

6. Injected air SubQ because I forgot to prime the heparin carpujet. No one knows this but me. (And now all of you.)

7. Asked many, many times if a patient wanted something for pain, and they had to remind me that they had a PCA. Oops... oh yeah!

8. Searched all over for an incision site when the procedure required none.

I'm sure there was more but that's all I can think of right now. Could be worse, right?

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Ramesh said...

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