Wednesday, July 17, 2013

patient funnies

Me holding up phone to confused patient's ear: "This is your son. Here you go. Say hi."

Patient, looking straight at me and ignoring the phone: "Hi!"

Me to patient: "No no... on the phone."

Patient, smiling at me: "On the phone."



Same patient after phone call...

Me to patient: "That was your son, he just wanted to hear your voice."
Patient: "Oh... [pause] Did he hear it?

Me: "Um, yes. He heard it."

Patient: "Good."


Attending to patient: "Who do you live with at home sir?"

Patient: "Yes... we live together."

Attending: "Who is we? Your wife?"

Patient: "Yes... [pointing at senior, male resident] her and I!"

Heh heh.

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