Friday, July 5, 2013

a nurse's dreams

My dream last night:

Something had happened to the Earth's atmosphere, and some of us had swelling airways. Mine starting to swell and I was struggling to breathe. A doctor was running around, deciding who needed to be intubated. He told me I was "fine". I begged him to tube me, so he finally did. The moment the ET tube was in place, I could breathe again. It wasn't too bad going in either (but of course, what is worse than feeling that you're suffocating?). I laid there, in a bed, on a vent, signaling to a nurse that I needed a pulse ox on my finger, I wanted to see my sats.

I don't know what happened to the Earth. I don't know if I was smushed against a pillow and starting to suffocate, and then turned over and could breathe better, and this was how my nurse's brain interpreted it. I have dreamed many times that I am in VT and getting shocked, but this is my first intubation dream.

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