Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love when I love my job

I've been sooo happy at work yesterday and today, because finally, FINALLY, I have a sick patient! I'm not a total weirdo... that's just what I came here to do, take care of patients who are in a life or death situation. Not patients who are ready to go home! This poor gentleman aspirated his own stomach contents during a GI procedure, which got him tubed. Good reason to take that pre-procedure NPO rule seriously folks! But now everything else is going downhill. He's on pressors, unable to tolerate tube feeds, and making no urine. I feel like I'm learning again and enjoying myself immensely. I feel like a real ICU nurse!

Today is my last day shift. I will go to nights on Tuesday. I feel kinda sad, because I feel that I've really built some good working relationships with the day nurses, the interns, and residents.

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