Friday, June 4, 2010

the graveyard shift

The last three nights have been midnight shifts for me. Talk about slow, and boring. I have been reading a book, surfing the web, trying to keep myself awake. Nothing happening. Nights are totally different from days, where I was so busy that 12 hours felt like 5 minutes. After a long night of just sitting around, I can barely drive home, my eyes are closing and my car is swerving. I feel like these can't possibly be the same patients that we have during the day! Everyone assures me that usually nights are very busy, but I've yet to see that. At about 6am docs and administration starts to arrive, the lights switch on, suddenly the place is hopping. But until that moment, it's dark and quiet, nurses sitting around with blankets wrapped around their shoulders, reading novels, eating, chatting on facebook. Doobey doobey doo.

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