Sunday, November 8, 2009

Working in the field!

I finally got to carry out one of my lifelong nursing dreams... do a service trek and serve rural communities! Of course, I did it in Nepal, where I speak the language, and so had the added experience of being a translator, which I loved. Now I'm hoping to lead a group every year to the clinic we worked at, and start to make a little progress in the area. I loved it there, the community of Sherpas was wonderful. Nursing there was more like being a doctor, though. I diagnosed and treated just using my own brain and the rest of my team. I was terrified at the thought, at first, but after a while I got kind of used to it.

We had some severe cases, like an infant suffering from hydrocephaly, looked like it was going to die soon. We had a guy with a GI obstruction, most likely, a woman who swallowed something sharp when she was drunk, and a woman coughing up blood with TB-like symptoms. But mostly we saw a lot of GERD, aches and pains, babies with diarrhea, dehydrated adults, and wounds and skin infections. The clinic could use a lot of training with the workers, more reference books and drug books, and some programs on ergonomic lifting, hygiene, and birth control.

I'm excited to really be a leader and take group after group. It's totally my niche in life!

In other work-related news, my love affair with cardio-thoracic surgical tele unit is over. I no longer click with management or my co-workers, and I'm a little bit bored with the patients, too. I think it's time to move on, and re-stimulate my brain again. I applied to the baby NICU, L&D, and visiting nurses. I haven't heard anything back, so we'll see what happens. I want more experiences so that I can be a better clinic nurse in Nepal!


Christine said...

Napal sounds amazing. Best of luck in the job hunt!

LivingDeadNurse said...

good luck with the job hunt..i hope you find something exciting

swy said...

hello. i would love to hear more about your Nepal service group. Is there a website?
Sumi (NurseSF)

swy said...
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swy said...
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