Saturday, August 29, 2009


I nearly lost my position in the "unit reconfiguration" that is taking place. They are taking beds from our unit, the cardio-thoracic surgical stepdown, and beds from next-door neurosurgery, and creating a middle unit for otolaryngology and plastics. The positions on all floors were bid on by seniority, and by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin I managed to grab the very last day/eves spot! I would've cried. Not a single cardio-thoracic nurse volunteered to become a plastics/oto nurse. No thank YOU. This whole split cause us to lose some fantastic nurses, and was just unfair and unpopular all around. Everyone had a stomachache, for weeks.

So it is back to business on my unit of choice. I'm ecstatic even if it means being lowest in seniority. But hey- I wanted to work Christmas anyway. Triple time here I come!


GypsyNurse said...

be happy you got your pick!! Some places that NEVER happens!!! I was an OR nurse in Plastics for 10 years.. loved it! Never did med surg though... You are doing well for a newbie.. keep it up!



Bored@work said...

New Rn I just read a couple of your posts and I love em! Wish all the nurses were like yourself, I'm actually starting school soon to become a RN with a BSN as well. I've read a whole bunch of other posts by other nurses and the majority of them hate being a nurse and have such negative output about it! :[ makes me wonder if I should really pursue this career. Thank God I came across your entries! haha I will be reading the rest of your posts. I hope all goes well for you and keep up the good work! your fan bored@work. haha