Saturday, February 21, 2009

high times

I had some learning experiences at the beginning of this week. On Tuesday I had a patient who's BP bottomed out. I had to get our Rapid Response team to come, and we had a hell of a time getting the service there. In the end, he went to the unit. The rapid response nurse was awesome, made we want to work in the unit just to get a better handle on things.

I thought no day could've been worse than that, but the next day was. I had a THE patient who developed a leak in her cervical incision, and also threw a fit and refused to cooperate with me when I told her we needed a new IV. Then there was a different patient who appealed her discharge, and I had to get patient relations and social work involved. I requested out of that team and had a calm, relaxing two work days after that. Patient's who are nice, cooperative, and stable. Ahhh.

I'm most excited about getting together on March 7th with my trek nurses. I can't wait to see the group dynamic and get everyone excited about Nepal.

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NurseSF said...

I read all your posts from the time you started on the floor. you're a few months ahead of me as a new nurse. thanks for continuing to post.