Monday, February 9, 2009

gift upon gift

I think I would actually like to do home health nursing for a while. My mother did it when I was growing up, and I think I would like it. I will stay where I'm at until the two year mark, I think, but then we'll see. I do know one thing- before I go anywhere else, I'm taking time off and traveling! To Nepal of course, but I will do a few other things, too, while I'm at it. Bangkok, Lhasa, India... I'm in dream world, but I can't help it. I feel so trapped in this nursing job. I can't take time off without pay no matter what I do.

I got a starbucks gift card from a patient I only had for a few hours before sending her to OR. She and her family really liked me, I think because I was in a funny mood that morning. People like to laugh, right?

My french-speaking patient's grandson-in-law wanted me to come over for dinner. But when I got there hours went by and dinner still wasn't ready, and I had to leave. I wanted to do good by this patient as far as lowering his sugar, but I don't want to become too entangled in the family. I've done that before and it's not good for anyone. I am still "the nurse" and I am there for one reason only. I have to keep reminding them and myself of that.

I got several nominations from patients who filled out a form, basically a kudos award. You don't really get anything for it but a certificate, but it looks good in your file. And it makes me feel good.

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pdowan said...

Hi Little Student Nurse (who isn't any more);
Pete Dowan here ! Kudo's to you for your dedication !
I realize that there is very little chance that this e-mail will result in anything, but that's better than the zero chance if I didn't try. I was googling for Nurse related blogs and I came across your site and thought I'd contact you.
I am a medically disabled songwriter from St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, and have written many songs about many different subjects and in several different styles, but one in particular was a result of my numerous times spent in various hospitals in my area.
One of the last times I came home I decided to try and write one for those who had cared for my well being during those trying times and I focused on the ones that were fresh in my memory. The song I wrote about (and for) them is called "LADIES IN WHITE". They wore white uniforms and were all female (YES, I know that there ARE male nurses AND know that not many wear white any more... but besides how amazingly efficient and caring they were, that was what I remembered of them .. besides, since white is actually made up of all the colours of the spectrum, it therefore represents every colour). It is not rock or pop, rap or hip hop or even a ballad... it is just a happy, simple to sing-along-with, uptempo song.
I mention that I am medically disabled because various factors of my condition stop me from being able to use professional studios to record my songs, so I have to do them here, at home, in my basement, on donated equipment from musicians I used to work with. For the same reason, I also am unable to perform my music live.
I was wondering if you'd like to hear the song, since your blog is about and for nurses. I can send you an MP3, a short term link or it can be heard on my "MySpace" page ... which is ... the second song on the list.
I DO understand if you'd rather not.
Have a great day, and keep smiling.

Musically Yours,
Pete Dowan {:-) [pronounced like plowin' ]