Friday, September 26, 2008

see it, do it, teach it

I forgot to mention that I had a nursing student put with me last week. Talk about the blind leading the blind. But I told her she could see what it's like to be a new nurse. She really ended up helping me out because one of my 'easier' patients started going down the tube and while I was trying to figure out why suction wasn't working for his brand new NG tube, she and her instructor took care of my other patients.

I figured out yesterday that I make up to $37 per hour for overtime, which definitely is an incentive for me to stay over another 4 hours after an 8 hour shift. I did that yesterday, but had an ill-timed visit from Aunt Flo right at the end, and needed the help of a couple co-workers to fetch me new pants and give my last meds. I love my co-workers!

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