Saturday, July 19, 2008

ready to be on my own... or not

My preceptors say I'm doing great and I'll be ready to be on my own soon. Thursday evening really put that to the test. My preceptor needed to run downstairs for 15 minutes, and I was alone with my 3 patients for a while. In that time, I gave Morphine IV push, I talked to service on my own, and I sent a patient down to X-Ray with the SWAT team. I was sweating, and nervous, and suddenly I really felt my newness, even though I tried to cover up for it.

I think I did ok, though, and it was good experience. I've never been so nervous about giving Morphine in my life, though!

I've also done a driveline dressing on my own twice, now, and I'm feeling good about that.

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