Monday, July 14, 2008

dreams come true

I passed. My results went up yesterday afternoon. It was an amazing feeling, to see that tiny little word: 'pass'. Tears nearly came to my eyes. Everyone was saying 'congratulations! But we knew it already'. The pressure was enormous, thank god I lived up to it.

I started signing my name with 'RN' right away. Then I stood there, grinning stupidly at it. It looks awesome. Someday soon I'll take it for granted, but I just want to sign 'RN' all over the place right now.

I just have to wait for them to post my license number on the website so that my nurse educators can give me a password to take out meds. I feel like I'll finally be a trusted and equal member of the team. I have been so lucky to find my unit, where all of the nurses are so close and comfortable with each other, where there is so much respect and teamwork amongst everyone. I never expected to have this much fun at work.

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