Saturday, September 22, 2007

more clinicals

I went to the NICU and met with my preceptor. She seems ok but secretly I'm not crazy about her. But I will do my best and hopefully it'll be fine. She works all 12s and hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in enough of them to get close 100 hours. I guess that would be 8.

Also, I'm getting pretty good at the tech thing on the cardio/thoracic unit. I had a really fun preceptor the other day which made the day go by. It's just answering the lights, I/Os, vitals, and baths. Oh and bedmaking, which I really hate. Anyway I think I'll like the job so that's what's important. Oh, and the money!

My feet were really killing me though. I hear the secret is embolic hose, so I will try to get some of those, and better shoes. When I actually have money, of course.

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