Wednesday, September 19, 2007

getting started

Yesterday was my first clinical on the ortho/trauma unit. We shadowed a nurse and got familiar with the unit, but we didn't have our own patients. The unit is super-friendly towards students and I felt really welcome there. My nurse even *gasp* washed her hands before and after every patient! Miracle of miracles. My clinical instructor, who is also the lecturer, is very reasonable as well. I think I will enjoy this one.

I am terrified of my Essentials professor. She really can make us squirm in our chairs and doesn't mind doing it. I spend the whole class period frantically trying to think of an answer she'll approve of, rather than the real answer. For this clinical I was placed in NICU at the hospital I did my OB rotation in before. So at least I've been to that unit and enjoyed it. I was jealous that a few other people got L&D though... why not me? Anyway my preceptor works three 12s a week and she's going to be off for 10 days, which does not bode well for me and getting all my hours in.

And lastly, my first day on the cardio/thoracic floor was supposed to be today (this is the only place I actually get paid) but once there I had the chills and started vomiting. So they sent me home. Honestly, how embarrassing. Let's hope tomorrow goes better shall we?

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