Tuesday, April 3, 2007

back to norms

Today's medsurg clinical was a flop for me. I could just do nothing right in my instructor's eyes. And then, afterwards, she heard that I have an externship and said "why, do you want to work at that hospital?" Like it's the worst possible choice of hospitals, and not one of the best in the country. I said yes, and I want to get into their grad program there to be a nurse-midwife. She said 'oh I used to want to be a nurse-midwife. Where are going to get a job? Have you thought about that? There aren't many nurse-midwife jobs around here.' Fine. Dash all of my hopes and dreams. She's not even accurate, maybe nurse-midwives didn't have a big job market in the 70s when she was getting started, but I've seen a ton of job openings at the hospitals around here. OOOOHHHH she pisses me off!

Everything about that clinical just makes me mad. Only one more, and then in two weeks we are meeting and 'going out for breakfast'. That's great, much better than clinical, but why am I being forced to socialize with her? I'd much rather sleep in.

Tomorrow morning it's up at 6:30am, drive to the hospital, search out parking, watch ECT for a half hour, and come home and go back to bed. What a waste of time! I'm so, so ready for this semester to be over.

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