Monday, June 3, 2013

extern on board

My student extern is now working with me. I hope that she takes away everything and more from the experience than I did when I externed in the same institution, six long years ago. She is smart and a quick learner, and I personally think she's doing very well, and in the coming weeks she will be fantastic. I'm not sure she understands this, though. I think that the 12 hours might be quite daunting to her, having never worked them before, plus the pace of our unit allows very few breaks. I can see how it would be overwhelming.

In fact, I remember that as a brand new nurse on my first orientation, at about 5pm, I felt so overwhelmed, overstimulated, and exhausted with our hectic pace that day, I had to go into a bathroom to cry.

I really hope she has not shed any tears during this first week together, but I see what can clearly be interpreted as a somewhat pained expression, hidden well with a poker face. I know our workload is brutal, and the shifts excruciatingly long for newbies, but it's going to pay off in a big way.

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