Sunday, November 13, 2011

they don't make this easy

I've had seasonal influenza for the past six days. I had to call of to work this weekend, that's 24 hours of paid time off. I'm supposed to work Monday as well, which is tomorrow. If I don't go, I will only have 4 hours of PTO left. In our institution, you absolutely CANNOT call off without enough PTO in your bank to cover you. So I'd be ok, but god forbid something else happen this month.

I have been feeling better, and would like to go back to work tomorrow (get me out of this house!!!), but I spiked a fever last night, again. And I know that I shouldn't be returning to work without it having been 24 hours fever-free. Which means if I don't spike a fever all night, I'd be fine. But if I did, it would be too late to call in!

And most importantly, I take care of patients who are severely immunocomprimised. It could kill them. I guess that settles the whole argument.

Isn't it sad that administration can put such fear into their employees for calling in, when it can be a life or death situation?

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