Saturday, July 24, 2010

night shift takes its toll

For the first time, I got in trouble. The day shift nurse who took my patient made a list of complaints of things I didn't get done and submitted them to our supervisor. I got an email asking me why I "failed" to change expired tubing, ET tube tapes, and a bag of insulin that had expired. I have no excuse or good reason, either. I should've done all three things, and the honest truth is that I just forgot to check expiration dates all the way around. I told my supervisor exactly that, and that it will not happen again, I will add expiration dates to a list of reminders for myself on each shift. Maybe he will still write me up, I don't know. I feel horrible, like I should be sitting in the corner of the unit with a dunce cap on my head.

See, I always try really hard to do everything at night so that day shift doesn't have to: baths, IV dressings, tubing changes, new yaunkers, new feeding tube bags, new EVERYTHING with a new date. I take pride in handing patients over to the next shift completely caught up. This is seriously the first night I forgot to check tubing dates, and OF COURSE, a tattletale has to take the patient.

I'm just not a big fan of running straight to managers with complaints about other nurses. It was a huge problem on my last floor, and I didn't expect to see it here. I was hoping that if I made a mistake, my co-worker could talk to me about it first. I thought I would at least be given the benefit of the doubt... but I guess not.

I have been miserable on nights since my last post. Extremely tired, cranky, emotional... brought to tears many times by practically nothing. I feel sick when I leave. It's hard to concentrate and I feel like I'm moving around in a fog. I feel like it's hard to be a good nurse because I get so annoyed at little things. I'm glad I switched to ICU, but I don't LOVE my job like I thought I would.

Is it even possible to have a job you love?


Nurse Teeny said...

I am asking myself that same question. As a new grad I have dreams about the type of specialty I want, but I also don't want to burn bridges in the job I have by leaving too quickly. I'm content where I am, but I constantly ask myself, would I be happier in my dream job (if that even exists).

Thank you for your blog - I've been reading it since you graduated!

Christine said...

I hear ya! Every day I come on shift there are a TON of things the day shift didn't do. Meds I have to hunt down, treatments I have to do, skin assessments i have to make up for. Not to mention a filled sharps container and trash on the cart, I have to empty. Yet I am not the type to complain and tattletale on. However, I got a transfer pt and missed the skin assessment and BM protocol sheet sign off. So who gets a call at 8am from the DON? Me! Urgh!

Cartoon Characters said...

I have never liked nursing but have stuck with it for 30 plus yrs. There are areas I like more than others...namely L&D - which is a great alternative to ICU.
You are correct in assuming the RN should have come to you immediately run to the charge/manager is not the way to go. I would have probably confronted her on it... Some nurses are a pain in the ass and there is no getting around it...i think most jobs are like that.....always a PITA no matter where u work..

Ramesh said...

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