Monday, May 18, 2009

good nurse, bad nurse

I got banned from a patient's room, by the patient. She had mental status changes, and was being just goofy... so the service asked me to get a urine sample for a drug screen. She went into the bathroom for a long time, and then I heard her flushing, flushing, flushing. I was getting concerned that she was trying to flush something down the toilet, so I knocked and poked my head in, said "are you ok?" She flipped out, told me I was very rude for opening the door, and that she didn't want to "call the authorities" but she would if she had to.

From then on, she wouldn't let me in the room and I had to have other nurses go in and do her meds. She complained about me to everyone who went in there. The first time she yelled at me I felt like crying. I need some thicker skin, I know. I'm just used to patients really liking me, and not used to dealing with people who aren't at least somewhat polite.

Needless to say, I gave her up to someone else.


Christine said...

That happens alot for some reason or another. Is harder on us when there is no obvious "mental status" issue, for example the Alzheimer's pt who just didn't like me. But even though it's hard to not take it personally, it was a guilt reaction on the Pt's part. It could have been smoothed over perhaps with a, " Oh sorry to intrude, in the hospital if someone doesn't answer we get worried and I wanted to make sure you were ok." But you know the Pt was upset because most likely something was flushed down the toilet. Oh well you did your job and somethings just happen. You are still the good Nurse. Your peers should have stood up for you to the Pt too!

New RN said...

My coworkers were great, they are always very understanding and supportive, and let me know they would've done the exact same as I did.

If it had been an elderly patient with some kind of dementia, it would've been easier. Sometimes we remind them of someone in the past and they can no longer separate us from that person.

LivingDeadNurse said...

Yea it takes some time to grow some thick skin and sometimes a situation still can get to you. sorry you had such a difficult pt. I had one myself check out my blog entitled

another day at work


Sonnet said...

good post..good nurse

RNtoBE said...

Im in my basic nursing classes right now and everyone i talk to says its hard as crap but they cant explain. what do i need to be ready for! Im a firefighter so i get hands on with mva patients i really enjoy it and most ppl tell me that with it being a non controlled enviorment its much harder than a hospital work? what yall think