Monday, December 15, 2008

debt and trouble, trouble and debt

I was a float nurse during our nursing check-offs for LVADs. I covered the other nurses and worked my ASS off for the hour or so that I had their patients. I walked them, cleaned them, passed meds, tried to make them feel like things were finished when they came back. And I got recognition for it which rocked. Also got in trouble twice, once for no gown in a contact precautions room (I wasn't touching the patient!), and once for a chest tube becoming disconnected from suction. Actually, the charge nurse and I had a good laugh about all of the really ridiculous things people were throwing fits about that day!

I went to an EKG class that rocked my socks. It was 12-lead interpretation, and it lasted all day. But I feel about 10x smarter!

Then I felt about 100x dumber when I made a stupid, potentially dangerous calculation error at work. It scared the hell out of me. I guess that's what will make me a better nurse, in the end, making mistakes... you just have to hope you catch them before it hurts someone.

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