Wednesday, August 13, 2008

my many skills

Yesterday was my first day back after four days off. Actually, I was supposed to go in Monday, but when I got there, I wasn't on the schedule. Their mistake. But they sent me home, they were all set. Then, 45 minutes later, when I was already back in my pajamas, they called me back and said 'uh, can you come back?' Uh, no.

Anyway, I took on the hardest patient there was. I figured, what the hey, no better way to get back into things than to jump in head first. But she wasn't bad at all. I got trach experience, so that was good.

The highlight of my night came when one of the techs came to me and asked me to come translate for a patient down the hall who doesn't speak English. She speaks Hindi. I said no way, my Hindi is nowhere near that good! But he convinced me, and I managed it, and I was sooooo freakin' high! That rocked.

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